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The Supreme Misraim Grand College in Scandinavia (TSMGCIS) is a union of Scandinavian Misraim Confederation and was founded in Denmark on Easter Sunday April 20th 2015. The purpose of TSMGCIS is to strengthen the the cooperation across national borders and to strenthen the work of individual Misraim Federations in Scandinavia.
This occurs in a Rosicrucian spirit. Membership includes both men and women, and is independent of ethnicity, religion, social position and policy as well as intellectual and aesthetic positions. Through the ritual work, its symbolic value and contemplation, we meet in freedom and spiritual fellowship to develop as individuals and thus be better able to fulfill our various roles in the society.
TSMGCIS dismisses any sectarian endeavour and does not regard politics as belonging to its tasks.


Loges under Misraim Concillium in Scandinavia
Provincial loge "Swedish Misraim Confederation"
Loge of Johannes/Craft lodge        Drottning Omma            Residence: Ödeshög
Loge of Johannes/Craft lodge         Merlin                           Residence: Stockholm
Loge of Johannes/Craft lodge         Lodge of Argentum        Residence: Sala
Chapterlodge (Knight Chapter)       Rosornas Gave              Residence: Ödeshög
Chapterlodge (Knight Chapter)      The Holly Grail                Residence: Stockholm
Arcana Arcanorum                        (The Holly Grail)              Residence: Stockholm
Provincial loge "Danish Misraim Confederation"
               Michaels Mass/
            Esoteric temple Service                   Stella Maris                    Residence: Central Zealand
Michaels Mess - ETT                       Hermes                         Residence: Fyn
Loge of Johannes/Craft lodge          Isis – Sophia                  Residence: Central Zealand
Chapter (Knight Chapter)                Fiat Lux                          Residence: Central Zealand
Arcana Arcanorum                          Spiritum Scantum           Residence: Central Zealand

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