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The Misraim Rite


Scandinavian Misraim Confederation

The modern form of the Misraim Rite can be traced back to the 1700-ceentury, where it was mainly in the beginning practiced in Italy. Its symbolism, however, has roots in ancient Egypt. In the 1700-century the Rite was a branch of what is called “the Egyptian freemasonry”. The word “Misraim” is a Hebrew name for Egypt, a plural form that refers both the upper and lower Egypt.
The Memphis Rite is a branch of the Misraim Rite, which was formed in the 1800-century. Both of these branches were later merged by Giuseppe Garibaldi in the late 1800`s.

Rudolf Steiner and the Misraim Rite

Rudolf Steiner founded the Esoteric Rosicrucian School shortly after his inauguration in the Misraim Rite on November 24, 1905. He developed the Rite to adapt it to the present human needs.
TSMGCIS has resumed the work in the second and third class of the Anthroposophical Society on the basis of Rudolf Steiner`s Misraim Rite as well as the specific material from the original Memphis and Misraim Rites. The first meeting in the second class (the cognitive section/second class within the Anthroposophical Society) was led by Rudolf Steiner and took place on January 3, 1906.
The participants were members of the first esoteric class, whose first meeting had taken place on May 10, 1904.
In 1907 Rudolf Steiner separated his esoteric school from the esoteric school, founded by H.B. Blavatsky, which was based on the oriental tradition. The work in these esoteric classes ceased temporarily due to the First World War. When the work was resumed after the war, only a few meetings were held before Steiner`s death in 1925.

A Rosicrucian work

The time has come where the Rosicrucian secrets can be revealed. We are in the middle of a paradigm shift between the hermetically sealed societies that protect the teachings of the initiated, and the new era in which these secrets can be communicated openly into the world to nurture the souls who seek them.
Rudolf Steiner`s speech to members of the Anthroposophical Society in Dornach on April 20, 1924.
“The mysteries themselves have gone back in the time when man`s free development had to take place. Now is the time where man once again must finde the mysteries. […] It is very necessary to find a place on Earth, where the mysteries again can be established. The Anthroposophical Society must in its further development be the path to the renewed mysteries. This will also be your task, my dear friends!”

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